October 5, 2012

JOEL and MITCHIE Wedding

April 13, 2012

BENRO Philippines endorsement

Rolly Magpayo | Outdoor Photographer • Light Factory | Production Team Jehiel Manuel Easen Ragma • Additional Footages Reybert Ramos Joseph Bague Special Thanks to John Oliver Tan | BENRO Philippines Sandra & Jeff Hammet Sanctuary Cove Residences

April 12, 2012

VJ and Eunice

When differences compliment two people, one amazing story is bound to unveil. Find out how Vj and Eunice weave every part of their lives as everyone endearingly nod in a resounding "yes"!

"Out of the Woods" by Nickel Creek
"I do adore" by Mindy Gledhill
"We Are" by Joy Williams

February 13, 2012

"Perfect Brew" Aj and Joni's wedding day

How can one resist the aroma of a perfect brew on such a perfect Sunday afternoon? Take a sip and awaken your senses to the warmth of Aj and Joni's love for each other, captured as is here on this video!

"Everything" by Michael Bublé

Josh and Kat rev up!

It's been a race to the finish line for Josh and Kat since they met years ago. The line which just marks the beginning of an exciting life has been sealed with whispered vows. Soft whispers that rev up these two as they travel a new path together.

"Without You" by Usher

January 23, 2012

Mikey and Jill on-site

Shooting this wedding feels like doing a music video of a band! Everyone seemed to swing along to the tune and beat of Mikey and Jill. Have fun watching this couple walk down the isle!

"Walk" by Foo Fighters

January 14, 2012

Something's Brewing

A steady and uncompromising commitment brings out the best flavors in a relationship. February 12, 2012 is the day when AJ and Joni finally show everyone what they have been brewing these past few years.

Have a sniff!

"The Day Before You" by Matthew West

November 30, 2011


Love bridges a span of the unknown.
It trusts, it laughs, it cries, it puts faith as its crown.
It connects, embraces everything, it is unconditional, it is unmatched, it conquers.
It is courage adorned with tenderness, gentleness and care.
For Mitchie and Sammi, they have finally found their home in Joel's arms.
And nothing can stop these two from tying the knot soon for it will be the day when three hearts will finally beat as one.

"18" by Moby
"Get To You" by James Morrison
"The Sight of Love" by The Camerawalls

November 7, 2011


The action-packed, party-rockin' 18th birthday of Jushell really shook the dance floor! We we're all astonished, impressed and in awe on how these guys define what PARTY means!

Keep shufflin' people!

Music by: LMFAO and Black Eyed Peas


Video and Direction: Rock Manuel (Canon 60D) and Ghani Madueño (Canon 550D)
Editor: Easen Ragma

A love story sealed in the scenic Sorsogon last April 3, 2011. Blessed years ahead to the talented and cheerful couple! Thanks to "Dudz" Clotario and Christopher Marasigan for the photo coverage

AYKA @ 7

Music: Material Girl by Hilary Duff

Talents: Ayka R. Flores (main) Nica and Pia (supporting)
Daddy Ariz Flores (celebrant's dad)

Video and Direction: Easen Ragma and Rea Mae Revilloza
Make up: Wyaneth Kay Revilloza
Wardrobe: Mommy Adora Reviloza, Eva Revilloza and Therese Revilloza
Edit: Easen Ragma


‎"Eclectic" is defined as selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles... the word we chose for Brian and Dash's wedding! An ample dose of Filipiniana theme with a sprinkle of quirkiness of the couple, a perfect ingredient for a perfect love story. Watch and enjoy how the day unfold before our eyes...or should we say before our lens!

Music: JETLAG by Simple Plan Simple Plan ft. Natasha Bedingfield

Video and Producer: Light Factory; Easen Ragma, Ghani Madueno and Jehiel Manuel
Special thanks to Bam and Mark Pabunan


Music: Last Friday Night by Katy Perry
Deaf Mick's Throwdown, Forget It, Give Me My anger Back by Fatboy Slim

Video and Producer: Light Factory; Easen Ragma, Ghani Madueno and Jehiel Manuel

Edited by: Easen Ragma


Associate Creative Director: Dino Garcia
Art and Direction: Rock Jehiel Manuel
Promo Writer: Tin Armonio
Promo Project Manager: Ame Asuncion
2nd Unit Camera: Easen Ragma
Animation and Edit: GMA Post Production Promo Editor and Videographics
Wardrobe: GMA Machete Production Team

GMA Kapuso Month

How sweet it is to be loved by you... Happy Kapuso Month!

Shot and Directed by: LIGHT FACTORY
Rock Jehiel Manuel (Canon 60D), Ghani Madueno (Canon 550D), Easen Ragma (Canon 550D)

Associate Creative Director: Dong Tan
Art Director: Jenny Wong
Writer: Andie Manahan
Animation and Edit: GMA Post Production Videographics and Promo Editor

Special thanks to:
Antonio M. Algunas,
Del del Rosario,
Malu San Juan-Buena,
Reybert Ramos,
Jenice de Jesus, Javin Tarun,
Bj Downey Jr.,
Zez Villamar
and everyone who made producing this plug possible.